Spanish 3 Curriculum Map

Jean-Jacques Altouvas


The Level III course focuses on the continued development of communicative competence in Spanish and understanding the culture(s) of the people who speak the language.

Subject Review Objectives

Simple present tense
Progressive present tense
Irregular yo form verbs
Stem changing verbs
Simple past tense
Subjunctive present tense

Standard Applied: MLIII.INT1

“To Begin” Objectives

Talk about school and non-school daily activities
Describe your day before and after school
Express needs and desires/ feelings and emotions
Talk about week end activities
Describe special events and celebrations in detail
Oral and written presentations on the noted objectives

Standards Applied:  
MLIII.INT1                MLIII.IP1A
MLIII.CUI                MLIII.IP1D        

Chapter One Objectives

Describe a visit to a national park
Talk about school competitions
Express you emotions regarding the outcome of an event
Express opinions and preferences
Narrate an event in the past
Understand cultural perspectives on family outings
Vocabulary and grammar review
Vocabulary and grammar in context
Features of the natural environment
Regular simple past verbs ending in I to y
Irregular simple past verbs ending in e to I, and o to u
Near future action using ir de + infinitive
Use of the imperfect tense
Cultural point: El Camino de Santiago
Oral presentation on an unforgettable experience

Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLIII.1P2B
MLII.1P1C                MLIII.CUIC

Chapter 2 Objectives

Talk about the arts
Give an opinion about a work of art
Relate the arts to your own experiences
Describe how people express themselves
Narrate events in the past
Discuss some important artists of the Spanish speaking world
Verbs ser y estar
Simple past vs. imperfect
Estar + participio

Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLIII.1P1C
MLIII.P2                MLIII.1P2B
MLIII.CCC1                MLIII.P2A

Chapter 3 Objectives

Talk about symptoms and remedies
Give advise about health and nutrition
Express how you feel under certain circumstances
Tell others what you do
Understand cultural perspectives about health, physical fitness and nutrition
Affirmative and negative commands (formal and informal)
Regular subjunctive verbs
Irregular subjunctive verbs

Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLII.CCC1

Chapter 4 Objectives

Express how you relate to friends and family
Explain what is needed to maintain friendship
Express how you feel under certain circumstances
Talk about family conflicts and how to resolve them
Understand cultural perspectives on dealing with friends and family
Por and Para
Possessive pronouns
Direct and indirect subject pronouns

Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLII.1P1C

Chapter 5 Objectives

Talk about ways of getting a job
Describe skills and abilities needed to perform a job
Talk about opportunities for volunteer work in you community
Explain how you can help your community
Understanding cultural perspectives on dealing with student jobs and volunteer work
Present  perfect
Imperfect tense
Subjunctive perfect

Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLIII.IP1E
MLIII1P2A                MLIII.IP1F

Chapter 6 Objectives

Talk about careers and professions
Talk about plans for the future
Explain the impact of science and technology on our lives
Understand cultural perspectives on jobs and technology
Future tense
Near future
Future perfect

Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLIII.INT1B
MLII.CCC1                MLIII.INTIC        
MLIII.1P2B                MLIII.P1D

Chapter 7 Objectives

Describe what archaeologists do
Identify and describe some extraordinary phenomena
Give your opinion about mysterious events
Talk about the contributions of the Maya and Aztec civilizations
Compare some myths and legends from the Spanish speaking world with those of the U.S.
Simple present tense vs. subjunctive present tense
Pero and Sino
Adjectives applied to the subjunctive tense
Standards Applied:
MLIII.INT1                MLIII.CCC2
MLII.CCC1                MLIII.CUIC

Chapter 8 Objectives

Describe how different cultures interact
Talk about the fusion of cultures in Spain before 1492
Talk about the fusion of different cultures in the Americas after the Europeans arrived
Understand cultural perspectives on dealing with different ethnic groups in the United States
Conditional tense
Subjunctive imperfect
Subjunctive imperfect with si

Standards Applied:

Chapter 9 Objectives

Talk about environmental concerns in the community
Discuss how to solve local and global environmental problems
Express attitudes and opinions about the environment
Understand cultural perspectives on dealing conservation and the environment
Conjunctions with the subjunctive and indicative modes
Relative pronouns que, quien, and loque

Standards Applied:

MLIII.INT1                MLIIICCC1A
MLII.CCC2                MLIII.CCC2A

Chapter 10 Objectives

Talk about rights and responsibilities at home and at school
Discuss rights in society guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution
Talk about the role of the government
Learn what young people think about the problems they face the solutions they propose
Understand cultural perspectives on rights and responsibilities
Passive voice
Ser + Past Participle
The imperfect subjunctive vs. the present subjunctive
The plus perfect subjunctive
The condition perfect

Standards Applied:
Other Standards Applied throughout various chapters:
MLIII.IP2C        MLIII.1P2F                  MLIII.1P2E
MLIII.IP2D        MLIII.P2A                   MLIII.INTIE           MLIII.CCC2A
MLIII.P1A        MLIII.CCC2B               MLIII.P1D             MLIII.CCC4B
MLIII.P1B        MLIII.CCC2C               MLIII.P1E             MLIII. CCC1B              
MLIII.P1C        MLIII.CCC3A               MLIII.CCC4A         MLIII.CCC1C