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Justin Judy

"Used to support both teaching and learning, technology infuses classrooms with digital learning tools, such as computers and hand held devices; expands course offerings, experiences, and learning materials; supports learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; builds 21st century skills; increases student engagement and motivation; and accelerates learning. Technology also has the power to transform teaching by ushering in a new model of connected teaching."

U.S. Department of Education

Technology Department
Justin Judy Tech
Justin Judy, Director of Technology
Dawn Snow, Technology Specialist (WCHS)
Andre Ransom, Technology Specialist (WCMS)
Rey Deltoro, (WCPS)
Melissa Price, Technology Specialist (WCES)

Technology in Worth County Schools

Devices In Each School

Worth County provides devices for students and staff in order to enhance and support all learning across the curriculum.  Worth County School District devices include:  desktop computers, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and Interactive Whiteboards.  Students use these devices to gather information and find solutions to modern day problems while meeting Georgia Standards. 

Wi-Fi In Each School

To support our wireless devices, wi-fi capabilities have been upgraded in order to give students and teachers better access to digital learning resources.  Every classroom grade K-12 is equipped with a wireless access point.  Our wifi access allows for teacher and student efficiency and mobility.  Wi-Fi also provides students the opportunity to bring their own mobile devices to class for learning purposes. 

G Suite for Education

Worth County Schools is a G Suite for Education district.  G Suite includes a suite of cloud-based storage and productivity applications.  These applications, such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Gmail allow students and teachers to collaborate real-time on documents and assignments. Grades K through 12 have email addresses within our district's domain, Providing for protection, we only allow students to collaborate and share documents with other Worth County domain account holders.  G Suite and digital learning provide 24/7 learning opportunities.  Worth County uses technology to make a powerful impact on the lives of students outside the regular classroom.  

Parent/Community Connection Using Technology

Each school communicates with parents/community by maintaining an updated school website, school social media sites, email, and Remind application. District information, such as newsletters, announcements, and calendar of events, are published using these outlets.  Parents can monitor student grades and attendance by using our school information system parent portal. Communication from schools is also delivered through an automated calling system.

Technology Permission Form
Worth County School District Responsible Use Guidelines
Worth County School District Employee Responsible Use Guidelines


Protecting Children Online 

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Surf Swell Island - A Disney site for kids and parents to learn about internet safety
Kidsmart - Educates kids and adults on searching the internet safely
ikeepsafe - Teaching children the safe and healthy use of technology and the internet
Cybersmart - Increase student engagement and prepare students to achieve in today's digital society

Net News
Safekids - One of the oldest and most enduring sites for internet safety
Safeteens - Internet safety for teens 

National Cyber Security Alliance - NCSA's mission is to educate and therefore empower a digital society to use the Internet safely.
Protect kids - Making the internet safer for childeren and families
Safe surf - The first family organization devoted to building a safe Internet
iSafe - The leader in Internet safety educations
Cyber smart curriculum - A rich complement of parent resources to create an integrated K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum