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School Social Worker

School Social Workers are certified professionals who provide a variety of services to students, families, schools, and the community.  School Social Workers collaborate with school staff to identify, intervene, and eliminate barriers to students' academic achievement and the healthy development of the whole child including social, emotional and mental health. 

School Social Workers provide both direct and indirect services to help students receive maximum benefit from their educational experiences:

  • To improve acheivement for all students
  • To support the Strategic School Plan by implementing programs of attendance promotion and intervention
  • To use resources efficiently and effectively.

Worth County School District requests that parents/guardians update their child's student information if any changes are made throughout the school year.  

Contact your child's school to notify the staff of a change in phone numbers and/or address.  An address change requires proof of residency documents be provided to the school.  

Contact your child's school for more information.


Tracie C. Turner
School Social Worker
Homeless Liaison
229.776.8600 Office
229.776.8603 Fax
"Bridging students, families, schools, and communities."