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Student Teaching / Classroom Observation Guidelines

Student Teacher/Classroom Observer Guidelines


The first step for all student teachers or classroom observers is to have your college or university contact the Human Resources Department of the Worth County School District. Your college or university must have a written and signed, agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) on file in our office. This agreement must be approved by Worth County School District's Board. Once this agreement is on file, you will be contacted by your college or university and referred to the Human Resources Department of the Worth County School District.

Please be prepared to bring to the Human Resources Department your driver's license, school identification, and $54.25 (fee subject to change) in exact change for fingerprinting and background check. You will also be notified of the next scheduled session for mandated reporting training.

Also be aware that before you will be allowed to proceed, we must have the results of a clean background check, documentation of the mandated reporting training, and the aforementioned written agreement between the university and the Worth County School District. Once all of the requirements have been satisfied, the Principal of the school as well as the interested student will be notified. (In cases, where the agreement does not exist, it must be written and Board approved before the interested student can observe or teach within the Worth County School District). Please keep these requirements in mind as arrangements should be made well in advance of the anticipated observing or student teaching due to some of these steps can be timely.