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  • Important Update:

    School start date for all students is Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

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    Please CLICK HERE for the WCSD Reopening Plan.

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Message from Dr. Shannon Norfleet, Superintendent

Please read this important message from Worth County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Shannon Norfleet.

To all of our RAM families in Worth County,

Yesterday in a called Board of Education meeting, our board members supported my recommendation to delay the start of school for just a few days to allow for additional preparations for student safety and for additional staff planning and training. I want to thank our board members for allowing us the additional time and for the unwavering support in providing us with what we need to make our children as safe as humanly possible at school. As you may know, it seems that guidelines are shifting constantly, but we are confident that we will open school on August 7, 2020 and will be able to provide meaningful instruction to all of our students. However, there will be many things done differently this school year. We will release the Reopening Plan soon, perhaps even tomorrow.

Parents will be our first line of defense!

We want our schools to stay open! Please use a thermometer and check your child’s temperature every morning. Please do not send your child to school if they have a temperature above 99. There are several guidelines that use other temperatures- we are asking you to use 99 as the limit so that we are safer! If your child has any symptoms of cold, flu, or COVID-19 please keep them home; our reopening plan will have detailed guidelines on symptoms. It is highly recommended that each student have a mask with them every day. Students may not be required to wear it at all times, but there will be times when it will be HIGHLY recommended, such as during transition in the hallways.


Again, if your child has a fever or symptoms of being sick, keep them home. There will be no awards given this year for perfect attendance. Yes, we believe school attendance is essential; after all, we are opening the schools. However, we want the schools to remain open so, if your child is sick or you even suspect that they may be sick, keep them home. It is our intent to hold students harmless for COVID-19 related absences as much as possible.


School buses will be a point of contact where social distancing will be very difficult, if not impossible. I would ask that all parents bring their children to school and pick them up for the foreseeable future if they have the capability. We understand that many parents cannot, so buses will run usual routes. However, please be aware that riding the bus will increase the exposure risk to COVID-19, and we are asking every child who rides the bus to wear a mask or face covering at all times while on the bus.

School Closures Are Likely

Current DPH and CDC guidelines indicate that anyone in close contact with a person who has tested positive or has symptoms of COVID-19 should be quarantined. (More specific details will be in our Reopening Plan.) If we have just a few positive cases in a school, contact tracing and quarantine protocols will likely cause schools to close due to the inherently close contact between students in schools. It is highly likely that a school closure for 14 days will occur within the first few weeks. We hope it doesn’t happen, and we need you to do your part and help us keep the schools open!

In The Event of Closures

If a school closure occurs, it will be for two full weeks (14 days). It is our intent that school staff will continue to come to work under social distancing guidelines. We are planning and preparing for each student to be in Google Classroom and at least one other online instructional platform from the beginning of school. Parents will receive many requests for contact information from each teacher. Please send the contact information back as quickly as possible and look for information sent home with students and posted online (school/district websites, Facebook, etc.) regarding how to use online tools and platforms.  For those parents and students with internet connectivity concerns, we will have paper options in place for students to take home. Teachers will be on site at school and will be in contact with students and parents to facilitate return of materials and to assist with assignments.

Food service

Food service in each school will be done with safety and social distancing in mind. In the event of a shutdown, it is our intent to continue food service by pick up and possibly multi-point delivery throughout the county. Again, much more information will be shared in our Reopening Plan.

Dress Code and Supply Lists

It is our intent for Dress Codes and Supply Lists to be shared by the schools next week.

Open Houses

Full details, such as dates and times have not yet been set for Open House at each school.

  • Worth County High School will host an Open House for 9th graders and 10th – 12th graders who will be new to WCHS in person on a date to be determined (TBD).
  • Worth County Middle School will have an Open House for all 6th graders on a date TBD.
  • Worth County Elementary School will have in person Open House for all 3rd graders and 4th and 5th graders who will be new to WCES on a date TBD.
  • Worth Count Primary will host an in person Open House for all grades utilizing social distancing and exterior classroom doors on a date TBD.
  • Worth County Achievement Center will hold an in person Open House on a date TBD.

Worth Virtual Academy

Virtual learning is not for every child, but it can be great for many. I strongly urge parents to educate themselves prior to selecting this option. Virtual instruction will be via online curriculum through APEX Learning in grades 6-12, and via Edgenuity in grades K-5. Both platforms provide video and animated lessons followed by assignments, quizzes, and tests for students to complete and submit. Students can communicate with a teacher through the platform, but there is no real-time teacher instructing via computer.

See links below for more information:

Grades 6-12  APEX Learning     https://www.apexlearning.com/solutions/virtual-learning

Grades K-5 Edgenuity     https://www.edgenuity.com/products-and-services/instructional-services/


We look forward to seeing you soon. Go Rams!

Dr. Shannon Norfleet
Worth County Schools

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