Extra-Curricular Activities for WCVA Students

Last Updated: 7/20/2020 2:19 PM

Extracurricular Activities

Worth County Virtual Academy is a program within the Worth County School District.  Students enrolled in the WCVA are eligible to participate in athletics, clubs, or other extracurricular events. Students who are trying to meet NCAA requirements for a possible Division I or II scholarship should consult with their HS counselor regarding WCVA enrollment.

Band and Chorus

Band and chorus are performance based curricular courses. The band and chorus teachers are working to create remote learning options for students. Some of the options purposed are instructional videos preloaded into their Google classroom, or scheduled Group Google Meet sessions. Please check with your child’s school administer for further details.

NCAA Approval

Currently courses taken through WCVA are not NCAA approved; however, we are in the process of initiating the approval process. If your student has aspirations of attending a Division I or Division II College on an athletic scholarship, then enrollment in WCVA at the current time is not the best option. Please check with your high school counselor as this is subject to change, upon approval.