Congratulations WCMS DAR Essay Winners

WCMS DAR Essay Winners FY22

The annual Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Essay Contest was recently held for all students in 5th through 8th grades. The topic of the essay this year was "The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier." Students submitted original writings and WCMS had two winners:  Anna Huynh and Katelyn Stephens. 

Anna Huynh 8th Grade DAR Essay Winner

Anna Huynh (photo above) 8th Grader, was chosen as a school winner and also selected as the district winner.  Read an excerpt from her writing below:

That was almost 3 years ago. They never found his body. I knew because they sent a second letter, saying that Rob’s body was not identified among the fallen they had taken. I still miss Rob but there are little reminders of him that made it even more painful. His room is the same as before and his friends that survived the war come to visit us. Papa and Momma seem to have forgotten him. Maybe they felt it was better to forget him because it hurt too much now that he was gone. We all miss his jokes and quick smile. The war layed heavy on all of us. So much had been taken and we weren’t ready to go back to normal just yet. Even though it had been 3 years, we still felt the painful loss. And then another letter arrived in the mail. It was like when the first letter arrived. Momma and Papa crumbled into a mess. This time I was able to read the letter. It was an invitation to a memorial to honor an unknown soldier. At first I thought they meant Robert but then I reread the letter. Momma and Papa decided to go to the memorial in the end though. “We need to pay our respect to the other fallen too,” said Momma. But that didn’t matter to me. Robert was gone. But maybe I owed it to Robert. 


Katelyn Stephens 7th Grade DAR Essay Winner

Katelyn Stephens (photo above) 7th grader was chosen as another school winner.  Read an excerpt from her writing below:

My mother was looking up at the stand as President Harding said this. I had remembered the time when World War I broke out and my brother was at chance of being deployed. My mother had told me that the people who were getting employed daily would possibly be lying dead on the ground so our country is safe. 

When the ceremony ended, my family and I went home on the train. It was noon, so we went to get lunch. We usually would eat at home, but this day we ate out at my fallen brother’s favorite restaurant. 


Congratulations students!  WCMS is proud of you! 

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