Level 15 Book Challenge

Last Updated: 5/19/2021 2:03 PM

How will you level up?

Read 15 books from Day 1 to June 1!

After reading a book from a category below, click the category to fill out a Google Form for that specific category!  Keep reading and collect all 15! Don't forget to save the image to your Google Drive by right-clicking - Save Image As.

Banned Book Category (Read a book that was once banned by an organization. Look in Destiny for the "Banned Books" Resource List for ideas.)

Book Award Category (Read a book that has received an award.)

Book Chosen for You by a Friend Category (Read a book that a friend thought you would like.)

Cover Love Category (Read a book that you chose because of the cover.)

Diversity Category (Read a book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you.)

Free Book Category (Read a book that you can access for free.)

Georgia Peach Book Award Nominee Category (Read a book that was chosen as a Georgia Peach Book. Look in Destiny for "Georgia Peach Book Nominee” in the Resource List for ideas.)

Historical Event Category (Read a book based on a historical event. This can be a book from the historical fiction genre or a non-fiction book.)

Memoir or Biography Category (Read a memoir or biography.)

Non-fiction Category (Read a non-fiction book.)

Oldies but Goodies (Read a book that was published over 20 years ago.)

Poet's Corner (Read a book of poems.)

Society Controversy Category (Read a book about a problem facing society today.)

Soon To Be Movie Category (Read a book that’s going to be a movie, but isn’t yet. Look in the Destiny Catalog at the "Coming Soon" Resource List for ideas.)

Sport, Game, or Hobby Category (Read a book about or involving a sport, game, or hobby.)

Teacher/Librarian Category (Read a book recommended by your teacher/librarian.)

Thriller/Mystery Category (Read a book that is a thriller or mystery.)

Your Choice Category (Read a book of your choice.)


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