Classroom Discipline Plan


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Welcome to Spanish I, II and III.  These are college preparatory classes at Worth County High School.  The Spanish classes can also be taken as elective classes.  I will expect that each student acts in a manner reflective of his or her  “best” choice in order to enhance such an ambitious subject.  A strong work ethic will be required in order to pass these classes.  Please be prepared to commit to at least 10 hours a week studying at home.  A classroom web site is available on the school web page.

You will be expected to follow all the rules outlined in your WCHS Handbook.  Failure to do so will result in the application of the 3 step discipline plan.  

First offense:  Verbal Warning         Second offense:  Parental Contact          Third offense:  Referral to the Administration

The following will result in immediate referral to the administration:

  • Possession of a cellular phone, camera, or any other electronic device unless used for educational purposes usually reserved for the Level III students. (This will also result in the device being given to the administrator)
  • Profanity in any languages is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Grooming in the classroom is prohibited.  This includes brushing or combing hair or applying make-up.
  • Fighting
  • Sleeping
  • Skipping class  (Note that the school rules allow the teachers to mark the student ABSENT if more than 10 min of the period are missed).  I recommend my students to document every time they are out on a trip or just sick.  Avoid unexcused absences!
  • Acts of disrespect or confrontational behaviors against the teaching staff or other students.
  • Cheating on any given assignment, which will also result in a zero for that assignment.
  • Talking during a Test, Quiz, or other graded assignment will also be considered cheating and result in a zero and a referral.
  • Degrading school property (writing on desks, putting chewing gum under the desk, destruction of books or property, or stealing from the classroom.
  • Chewing gum is NOT allowed in my classroom.
  • Please try to take care of your personal business before or after class.  Limited bathroom passes will be issued to each student.  

Any student who goes to ISS at any time during the semester will be required to take the final exam regardless of their average.

Please have a good understanding of the above and feel free to discuss with me any concern you may have regarding the policies of the school or my classroom.


Mr. Altouvas

I  understand that Spanish is a college preparatory class and I agree to uphold the rules of WCHS as outlined in the Student Handbook.  I also understand the rules of the classroom and will do my best to excel in Spanish.

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