Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 - Safety First For Our Students


The Earth, the sun, and the moon all orbit in space in predictable paths.  On August 21, 2017, there will be a celestial alignment of the three resulting in a solar eclipse.  The moon will move between the sun and the Earth blocking the light of the sun.  Thus, the moon will cast a shadow on the Earth.

Some lucky areas of Georgia will experience a total solar eclipse while most of us will experience a partial eclipse. This is a wonderful educational moment for all of us no matter where we live, but it can also be dangerous if one looks directly at the sun.  

Student Safety: Most of us know we should not look directly at the sun, but during an eclipse, our curiosity and wonder can overtake our common sense.  We just want to look up!  Below is critically important information for our students and community about how to safely view an eclipse.  This event will be happening around school dismissal time.  Student safety is critical.  Our schools are being proactive in sharing this information with students and reinforcing safety measures as we approach the eclipse date.  After school sports practice times are also being altered on this date. 

For safety information visit these sites:

For maps and general information visit:

For information from Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) regarding the upcoming eclipse click the link below:
/userfiles/56/my files/eclipse situational awareness.pdf?id=23775

Safety first for our Worth County students!


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