Worth County Schools Announce Teachers of the Year 2017-2018

WCSD Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to our newly selected Teachers of the Year (TOTY) 2017-18!  These teachers were selected by their peers to represent their school.  They will now submit a packet of information to be reviewed by a panel of judges and at a later date, a district TOTY will be chosen. 

Worth County High School TOTY 17-18:  Tammy Holton
Worth County Middle School TOTY 17-18:  Sandy Bozeman
Worth County Elementary School TOTY 17-18:  Hank Hobby
Worth County Primary School TOTY 17-18:  Shae Langley

Tammy Holton

Mrs. Tammy Holton, WCHS TOTY, teaches American and British Literature.  She has been an educator for 25 years.  She has taught in surrounding schools including Westover, Lee Co., and Mitchell Co.  She teaches Literature but has also been a Special Education teacher.  Mrs. Holton says teaching chose her.  Teaching gives her life meaning and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people each day.  Mrs. Holton considers it a privilege and honor to represent Worth County High School and is proud to be a RAM!

Sandy Bozeman
Mrs. Sandy Bozeman, WCMS TOTY, teaches 7th grade gifted English Language Arts, Social Studies and Writing Success Connections.  She has been in education for seven years.   She chose education as a profession to have a positive impact on children.  In her encounters with her students, she hopes to plant the seed of hope and positivity.  

Hank Hobby

Mr. Hank Hobby, WCES TOTY, teaches 4th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies.  He has been in education for 11 years.  He has also taught 3rd grade and Kindergarten as well as been an Academic Coach.  He was raised in a family of educators, so he has always known he wanted to teach.  He loves this profession that is always changing and evolving which keeps him constantly learning and trying to improve.  

Shae Langley
Mrs. Shae Langley, WCPS TOTY, teaches first grade.  She has been a teacher for 14 years.  She has taught in a first-grade inclusion classroom for three of those years.  She has always wanted to become a teacher because of her love of children.  She feels she can make a difference as an educator and believes all students deserve the opportunity to receive the best education available to them.  Maintaining high expectations for each of her students is very important in order for her to help them reach their full potential.  

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