WCMS Social Science Fair 2017 Features Fantastic Student Projects

WCMS Social Science Fair 2017

Students at WCMS participated in the annual Social Science Fair.  Students have worked for three months to complete their projects. ELA teachers incorporated the research papers into their classroom instruction.  Science and Social Studies teachers incorporated portions of the projects into their classroom instruction and also assisted students after school.  

All students submitted either a science or social studies project.  These projects were judged by teachers and ten projects in both science and social studies were selected from each grade level to compete at the school fair. The School Social Science Fair took place November 28 with judging by local community members and district staff members.  

Congratulations to the following students:
Click HERE to view pictures of school-wide winners.

6th Grade Science
1st place - Pearly Whites - Bralyn Griffis
2nd place - Dog Toys: What makes one a favorite or a flop to my dog? - Austin Goodwin
3rd place - What will clean baseball pants the best?  - Owen Fletcher

7th Grade Science
1st place - Aerodynamics of Paper Planes - Gavin Young
2nd place - Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate - Which melts faster? - Aaron Fletcher
3rd place - Cohesion:  Stuck like glue - Logan English

8th Grade Science
1st place - Which fruit will decompose the fastest?  - Nya Womack
2nd place - Grey Water:  Can plants tolerate it? - Emily Castleberry
3rd place - The Effect of Environmental Factors  on Wood Decks - Brandon Potter

6th Grade Social Studies
1st place - What is the truth about competitive cheerleading? - Taylor Parker
2nd place - Sgt. Reckless, A True Soldier - Shelby Greer
3rd place - Life in Auschwitz - Olivia Frankovich

7th Grade Social Studies
1st place - The Deadliest War that Saved Millions - Daniel Jordan
2nd place - Sleep Apnea - McKenzie Bryan
3rd place - Amelia Earhart - Emily Allen

8th Grade Social Studies
1st place - Bermuda Triangle: Is it Scientific or Supernatural? - Austin McConnell
2nd place - Understanding Classroom Technology - Kaleigh Montgomery
3rd place - The Attack on Pearl Harbor  - Donnie Connell

These school-wide winners will begin preparing with Mrs. Easom, Social Science Fair Coordinator, and Mrs. Fletcher, School Improvement Specialist for the ABAC Science Fair that will be held February 16, 2018, and the Regional Social Studies Fair to be held on March 3, 2018.  The winners from each of these Fairs will advance to the State Fair in Athens on March 22, 2018.  

WCMS has creative and intelligent students who completed fantastic projects! 
Click here to view pictures of all projects from the School Social Science Fair 2017-18. 

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