Social Science Fair Winners 2017-18
6th Grade Social Studies
1st place - What is the truth about competitive cheerleading? - Taylor Parker
2nd place - Sgt. Reckless, A True Soldier - Shelby Greer
3rd place - Life in Auschwitz - Olivia Frankovich
7th Grade Social Studies
1st place - The Deadliest War that Saved Millions - Daniel Jordan
2nd place - Sleep Apnea - McKenzie Bryan (not pictured)
3rd place - Amelia Earhart - Emily Allen 8th Grade Social Studies
1st place - Bermuda Triangle: Is it Scientific or Supernatural? - Austin McConnell (not pictured)
2nd place - Understanding Classroom Technology - Kaleigh Montgomery 
3rd place - The Attack at Pearl Harbor  - Donnie Connell 6th Grade Science
1st place - Pearly Whites - Bralyn Griffis
2nd place - Dog Toys: What makes one a favorite or a flop to my dog? - Austin Goodwin
3rd place - What will clean baseball pants the best?  - Owen Fletcher 7th Grade Science
1st place - Aerodynamics of Paper Planes - Gavin Young
2nd place - Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate - Which melts faster? - Aaron Fletcher
3rd place - Cohesion:  Stuck like glue - Logan English 8th Grade Science
1st place - Which fruit will decompose the fastest?  - Nya Womack
2nd place - Grey Water:  Can plants tolerate it? - Emily Castleberry
3rd place - The Effect of Environmental Factors  on Wood Decks - Brandon Potter
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