WCHS Biology Students Participate in Breakout EDU Game

DNA Breakout

Recently, Mrs. Ellis’ Biology classes participated in a DNA Breakout EDU game.  Students raced against the time to fix humanity's mutated DNA code. Four lucky teams were able to "break out" and solve all the puzzles. 

Winning teams:
3rd period- Gryffindor:
David Singletary
Jaylah Thomas
Savannah Pritchard
Jordan Curry
Sam McDonald
3rd period- Hufflepuff:
Ronny English
Michael Spice
Brittney Denton
Sean Jones


7th period- Ravenclaw:
Nashantis Smith
Nikerria Reed
Zach Anglin
Will Shelske
Austin Daniels
7th period- Gryffindor:
Demarcus Tift
Mya Allen
Chris Sapp
Ricky Williams
DNA Breakout

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