Parent Family Involvement

Welcome to WCHS! My name is Katie Hill.  In addition to being the media specialist here at WCHS, I am also the Parent Engagement Coordinator.  If there is anything you as a parent need help with in order to help your child succeed academically, please let me know. My email is and my phone number is 229.463.3072.

Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) Study/Resource Guides
Study/Resource guides for the high school courses that require an EOC are available at the GADOE web site.  Adobe Reader is required to download the guides.

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School Name: Worth County High School
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 "Elementary and Secondary Education Act"
In compliance with the requirements of the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act" statute, the Worth County School District informs parents that they may request information about the professional qualifications of your student's teacher(s).  If you wish to request information concerning your child's teachers' qualifications, please
contact Mrs. Christie Foerster, at 229-776-8600.

Parent’s Right-to-Know

Parent’s Right to Request a Teacher’s and a Paraprofessional’s qualifications:

By law Worth County Board of Education is required to notify parents that they may request information regarding the teacher’s or the paraprofessional’s professional qualifications, including the following:

  • Whether the teacher/paraprofessional  has met the Georgia Professional  Standards Commission certification requirements for the grade level and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;

  • Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which Georgia qualifications or certifications criteria have been waived;

  • The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;

  • Whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their qualifications.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Assistance Act of 1965 (ESEA)[Section 1111 (6)(A)]

ESEA Brochure Parent's Guide (English) (Spanish)

Title I - WCHS School-Parent Compact (2018-19)

School Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy (Revised: 7/25/2018)

Federal Program Complaint Procedures